The Importance of Website Traffic to Your Business

Popularity and reputation are two essentials of a successful business. Even when the business world has shifted to the digital world, the rules are still similar.

Search engines hold the key to the popularity of a business site. They keep updating their algorithm and Artificial Intelligence to eliminate bogus sites and fake ranking. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are all competing to provide the most authentic search results.

What the information means to your business is that having a website is not enough. In fact, creating a company web is the easiest step to go through. The maintenance is far more difficult.

What web traffic is

TrafficEach time a visitor opens your site, the activity adds to the web traffic. And with analytics, the traffic can be converted into charts and graphs. And depending on your need, you can use those data to extract the leads or to improve the content quality. For big businesses with an in-house marketing department, site’s traffic is the primary intel before launching a digital marketing campaign.

What most business sites want to achieve is a traffic conversion that can actualize the data into real sales. At that stage, all the efforts on generating quality content, SEO-ing, and social media marketing will pay off. And the benefits do not stop there.

Quality traffic means real people have viewed the content of your company web. Therefore, it will open the possibilities to having new colleagues, chances to expand the business, and deals that are good for company’s growth. High traffic means high exposure, which will lead to popularity. And once a company is popular in the market, profits will come without hard efforts.

Traffic analytics service

AnalyticsAlthough web-traffic is very good for the company’s marketing, the data conversion and processing can be tricky to handle. You cannot obtain the data of your site’s traffic directly. Even if you force it, the data will be in its rawest form, which is hardly meaningful.

There are many analytics service on the Internet, but the problem is that only a few come at an affordable price. For example, Google Analytics requires you to spend 150,000 USD for a one-year subscription to its premium version. Some online reviews also mention that the User Interface of Google Analytics is too difficult for nonexperts. The alternatives to the code are Clicky, AFS Analytics, KISSmetrics, and Chartbeat.

SEO and web-traffic

Rising GraphContrary to popular belief, high traffic does not affect the ranking of a site. The flaw about traffic is that not all visits are human but bots. The artificial traffic can take almost eighty percents of a site’s traffic. And a mogul like Google will not allow such fabrication to pass their ranking system. Besides, if traffic affects site’s ranking, a new quality content will not have any hope to be on the first pages.

What happens is quite the opposite. Quality high traffic will increase the chance of a web to take the front pages. And maintaining that quality is the challenge for you.

The best strategy you can employ is to assign an independent SEO contractor to work together with your digital marketers. With their experience in the industry and their vast data of case studies, they will know the best on how SEO to increase traffic on your website. They will monitor your content quality and analyze the traffic into a convertible marketing tool.

Working with specialists is better than spending your resources to learn about traffic-SEO relation from zero. If you are a manufacturer, it is best for you to use your resources to keep producing high-quality products. All digital marketing strategies will be futile if your quality cannot keep up.