Social media marketing has shown a prominent rise in recent years. Based on its effectiveness to drive traffic and conversion rates, nearly every B2B marketer uses social media. The effectiveness of any social media campaign is not dependent on what you sell or who your target market is. Having a website without an online side is like living in the past. How does social media marketing help an online business? Have a look at these reasons.

Why you need to invest in social media marketing

Increased traffic

Social media posts affect the traffic volumes to your site. As such, you can have social media links placed on your landing page or pages. It is also advisable to share this links in relevant forums. You might be surprised to have a single link transform the numbers coming to your site.

Boost SEO

Social media are an integral part of any search engine optimization campaign. Google’s search engine crawlers have a way of picking up sites with a considerable number of visitors. In a way, they can also tell which ones are just floating out there. As such, using social media posts to drive traffic to your site has a way of making your site climb the search engine rankings. This does mean that social media alone can get you up there, you also need to ensure all another SEO requirements are observed.


Social media creates a good way to create both formal and informal relationships. For instance, you can use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to connect with your customers. Here, you can get honest opinions and timely feedback from them. On the other hand, you can use social media to connect with market leaders and journalists who might be willing to cover your products.

Targeted Ads

social media ads 76Social media ads are known to be highly customizable. As such, these ads give marketers an opportunity to target a specific niche market. As such, you can target potential customers based on demographic attributes like gender, age, education levels, industry, or their interests among others. You also get the chance to target anyone who has shown interest in your products and make them convert.

Are you ready to gain some ground ahead of your competitors? Invest in social media marketing. You can try doing this for yourself or even better enlist the services of a company that specializes in social media marketing.